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president chairs
president chairs
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president chairs
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Banquet Chairs

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President chairs

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Entrance Arch


As the name suggests was fondly started by Mr Koteeswara Rao., Bsc BL , after his father Dr M.S. Giri. J.P. (Founder Dr. Giri's Museum, Chennai) 's demise in the year 1972. Dr. Giri as he was fondly known revolutionized the field of furniture hiring in the late 40,. So keeping the dream of his father alive Mr. Rao started .

Since 1972 has been at the forefront of event management solutions for all those special moments of your life. For over Four decades now we have been successfully facilitating various events and functions for our esteemed customers. We continue to provide various types of furniture and infrastructure facilities for each and every occasion, they be weddings. picnics. community and other corporate events.

We truly understand how extending excellent hospitality for your guests is your prime concern And that is why will provide all facilities and care to make your guests and family feel treasured Presently we are also focusing on facilitating corporate events.

Currently managed by Mr. Lokesh Giri. M.B.A., the company is striving hard to maintain neat and clean service to our beloved customers In doing so maintaining the tradition of Dr. Giri and field of furniture hiring and maintaining the words of a great man

Atithi Devo Bhava
Truly Yours.
Lokesh Giri. M
S/o. Mr. M. Koteeswara Rao

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Dr Giri Furniture was fondly started by Mr Koteeswara Rao